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S P E E D  &  A G I L I T Y

It was an honor and privilege to work with Beadling SC. The club began in 1898 and encompasses over 70+ teams at three sites around the 412. Many athletes in the club are committing to top programs -- Pitt, Duqusne, Villanova, RMU, Slippery Rock, Cleveland State, Elon, Purdue, and much more!


They are a top club, top class, and I wish them all the best.


Coach Doug and soccer athletes



The main goal of any speed, agility, strength and conditioning program is athlete safety. At Beadling SC, this was no different. The focus, while keeping athletes safe, was to provide a complete and systemic approach to training that drove home the philosophy that the body does best with higher intensity exercises first and lower intensity exercises last. This trains different muscle fibers but keeps the athlete from exerting too much too soon and prevents injury over time.

Middle School Boys & Girls

Showcase and GA team highlights

The focus for these ages is minimal weight but high intensity training with high volume. Having these boys and girls engage the training increases the likelihood their body adapts and propels them towards a higher level of play, ultimately, exposing them to the greater demands at the next level.

High School Boys & Girls

Showcase and GA team highlights

The focus for these high school boys and girls is to evaluate movements at a high volume and high intensity adjusting the technique as we go to eliminate stress and injury. Utilizing RPE training methods, we add weight from time to time to better understand how much these athletes are truly giving to their own development and mental wellness.

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