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Doug is an enthusiastic and dedicated individual. Doug earned his Bachelor's degree in 2010 and began coaching right away. Having over a decade of coaching experience, and having spent time at the middle and high school and collegiate age groups, Doug has turned his focus to Strength & Conditioning. Doug is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and spends a lot of time developing programming to accommodate the large variety of students and student athletes he trains. Doug is without a doubt an integral part of any coaching staff and will deliver way more than what anyone expects. Doug is married and he and his wife, Christy, have two kids, Logan and Abigail. 

It's about time we rise to our occasion.


If you'd like to learn a little about me and what I have been through...


I grew up in a small town called Lewisburg PA. Not much happened there, really. If you know of Bucknell University, that's about all it really has going for it...


My upbringing wasn't super special. My dad worked all the time, my mom bought me everything I wanted and I, in many ways, was an only child. I had half siblings but the closest to me in age was 7.5 years older. 


My dad participated in the Ironman races nearly every October from the time I was born until I was in middle school. The big picture was that my dad was always "doing" something and sadly, as a result (among many other things I am sure) my parents divorced the summer of 2000 - right before I went into 7th grade. And I spent many days alone in my room wasting away playing video games. Don't get me wrong, FIFA and MADDEN were great babysitters... but I got motivated when high school came around. 

The 4 years of HS were nothing short of challenging but ended up very rewarding. I surrounded myself with friends who were positive influences in my life - I am blessed to say many were part of my decision to attend youth group and church, and ultimately, claiming Jesus Christ as a my Lord and Savior when I was 15. Ages 14-16 were very pivotal years in my life. The independence of being able to drive, a newly formed perspective of life through the eyes of faith and the desire to give my life value motivated me to commit to Christ and a Christian College after high school.  


I went on to Geneva College, initially majoring in Education, switching then to Pre-Physical Therapy and finally setting on Youth Ministry; College was where I would learn what I didn't want to do, I would meet my future bride, make mistakes and grow in my faith.


Post college, a lot changed.


Early on in my professional career, I worked as a Director for Youth Ministries but I found a greater calling in coaching. No matter what I did, uncertainty and adversity had shown themselves. Before I became a strength coach, I struggled to find a true foothold in what I felt called to do and who to be. For some time after youth ministry, I served as a Drug & Alcohol Counselor and after a few positions and 4 years, Eventually, I would leave that world for good.


I felt a strong push to serve in athletics. In 2017, especially with my almost decade of soccer coaching at the time, I had the push to take the risk and spend the time chasing what it was I finally felt called to. Strength and Conditioning was unique and unfamiliar - My weight training in high school was minimal; in college, much more but still no where near it should've been as a collegiate athlete... but I didn't have a coach who mandated it and I didn't have extreme experience with Olympic lifts. So, to pursue the path of a strength coach was a bit foreign. but I was up for the task.

After several failed attempts to find a career, I landed on strength and conditioning in 2018 and began learning more about what it takes to become certified. Eventually, after months of studying, I failed the certification exam Fall 2018 and the familiar feeling surfaced... 'you're not good enough and you won't make it'. Despite these struggles, I pressed forward and eventually just over a year after beginning the process, I passed the exam and am now a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). And thank God I continue to press into this. Scripture reminded me I will endure trials of many kinds and that I won't reach my goal unless I push through them. 


With the years that have passed, I look back sometimes and see where I started to now where I currently stand. I have served as a middle school and high school soccer coach. I have coached multiple club teams at multiple different levels. I coached collegiate soccer for two years and for one of those years was the interim head coach and ran strength and conditioning for the collegiate team I was coaching. Now, 2022, I know and have networked with a lot of coaches around Beaver County and the Greater Pittsburgh area and beyond. Many I call friends. Over time, I have developed my own unique training philosophy and principles, annual programming and training methodologies, all aimed at syncing the body, mind and soul in preparation for competing against the best athletes in the region, state and country.


I believe that a rigorous training system not only develops physical strength, but also challenges the mental stamina required to compete at the highest levels of your game or sport. In addition, knowing what you're up against and being right minded for sport aids all psychological aspects of life to push through those moments of doubt, fear, and uncertainty... With Miller Training Systems, I keep up with the latest training techniques and training tactics, and consistently push my athletes to their breaking point all while remembering and utilizing those things that, well, work.

Too often I hear "You need to do this" and "You'll be stronger and pain free if you do that". Our world is saturated with gimmicks and frauds. I wasn't necessarily given a "bad hand" but from the start I had to figure things out for myself; I found my way to where I am now. and through Christ, I learned a great deal about myself and how to train athletes treating them as unique, as people, and children of God. 


Becoming a Miller Training Systems Athlete is about getting you to peak performance; an attitude and a behavior that requires dedication, discipline, faith, consistency and character. 

Thanks for reading.


Once you're ready to scratch and claw your way through the mess, hit me up and we will rise together. 

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