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athlete focused

Programs are designed sport by sport; for EACH individual on the team. 

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technique driven

Correct Technique is critical if you're going to excel in any sport.



We take time to teach because your brain has important  muscles too. 

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Payment plans and ease of pay are in place so you won't break the bank.

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Strength and Conditioning programs through Miller Training Systems at Brady's Run Fitness are designed for athletes in every sport, for each individual on the team. Not everyone develops at the same rate nor does everyone mature and grow at similar points in adolescent life. Strength and Conditioning programs should be designed to accommodate; that's what we do. 

No matter the sport - Football, Basketball, Softball, Soccer - each individual on a team has their own plan and follow the programs at their own pace hitting goals one at a time. Progression takes patience and discipline. Overtime, each rep and each set is one more closer to achieving that goal. 


How can you expect someone to drive a car if you first don't teach them which pedal is the gas and which is the brake? 

In conjunction with programs being designed and ran individually within each team, time is spent to ensure technique is optimal and it doesn't happen just once. We watch technique daily! Boys and girls need to learn to move correctly before they take on heavy loads. These programs will have technique instruction built in to ensure athletes are moving efficiently and getting the most out of their dollars spent and from the training program. 

Technique is sport specific. While many movement mechanics are universal, there are sport specific movements that differ based on the demand of the sport on the body. Programming is designed and conducted according to each demand.



It's exciting to lift weights, move well, hit big numbers and see change over time. These programs, however, aren't successful if we fail to education boys and girls on why movement is important, with good form, and why what we do outside of the weight room is equally important as well. 

Time with family, focus in the classroom, good nutritional habits, rest and recovery -- these are all important and vital to an athlete's successes. We hammer the idea that learning never stops and that athletes must take time to try new things while learning about what their body wants/needs. Our programming never ceases to teach. 

What good is it if you participate in a training program to increase your vertical jump height for basketball if you aren't taught the best tips and tactical advice from our coaches? What good is it if a cross country runner is preparing for a half marathon and eats white rice vs whole wheat pasta the night before the race? We take time to explain what we are doing and WHY.




Programming and training don't have to cost hundreds of dollars every time you go to the gym. If you're paying that much, you're overpaying and likely getting under-delivery of what was promised to you. 

We make sure you don't have to stress about fees and additional costs. 

While small group training is available, and slightly more expensive, there are options for team camps and team sessions that don't have to break your bank. Click the button below for more information on costs for our training and get started today! 

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