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A look ahead as we arrive at PR CITY!

The work has been completed. The programs were run, everything is in order. Now it's time to see who truly did the work, and who just made it seem like they were.

Max testing is not a light thing.. no pun intended. It's a test not only of who can perform a lift but who can push past the desire to quit.

We set up 9 weeks of programming back in January and here we are.. the 9th week. This next week and the week after, week 10, are the final two weeks before Spring Break. Bro, we made it. Let's so who has what it takes to show us where their hard work has gotten them.

In the week ahead we plan to test athletes 40 times. We will set up in the hallway outside of the gym/cafeteria, and students will get 3 trials with their best recorded. That should be completed Monday/Tuesday giving us time to move to the weight room and begin testing the Dead Lift. It will be straight bar, straps can be used and chalk will be available. We will have 1 testing station and the 7 other racks are used for warm ups and fine tuning technique.

Ideally, Dead Lift testing takes us into Thursday and then we will utilize time Friday to begin Vertical Testing as this is the last week of our Jump School.

The week following, Week 10, starting March 13, we will begin with Back Squat on Monday and Tuesday, hitting Bench on Wednesday and Thursday and then closing Pro-Agility. Friday March 17 is the first day of spring break so students need to be diligent with their time.

It's going to be a crazy two weeks for sure, but PR's will be recorded and some posted on Social Media with consent.