New Year, Old You

Don't let the title dig at you. It's not meant to. It is meant to make you think, though. What goals and "resolutions" have you set for the new year? Are they actually attainable? Will you give up on them? Will you complete and achieve them?

If you're like me, you feel like setting goals is great, but too many goals overwhelm you. Which is why what I am about to say shouldn't hurt you, it should make you think.

The old you needs work. Not the new you.

What I mean is this... goals are great, but don't work on a new you. Work on the old you.

The old you did a lot in 2021. You ran your first half marathon, you did your first spartan or tough mudder. You lost weight. You got married. You moved. You adjusted to a new job... the list goes on and on.

Don't look at 2022 as a year to get away from all that. Your past defines you. Take all the old, and mold it. It's clay... shape it and work with it how you feel it best needs tweaked.

Don't look towards a new you. Correct and adjust the old one into being the nonstop, BA best person that you can be. Growing comfortable with who you were and taking that into the new year into who you can become is the only way to move forward.

If you really read this until now, realize that new goals might be ones you fail and quit on. But growing from the old you is where you can never fail.

Keep pushing. Keep grinding. Keep winning. The old you will grow into who you were meant to become. Which is the best version of yourself. Will you have hurdles along the road, absolutely. ALWAYS. Grind it out - it builds your character.

Thanks for reading. Now get after it!


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