Workload Mindset

You can handle more than you realize.

I grew up as a kid without cell phones, youtube, snap-face-insta.. whatever they're called. I had to figure things out on my own. I couldn't type it in google and BOOM millions of search results. I suppose this doesn't really quantify someone as "hard" or “soft”. The kids these days have it so different.

How many of you go to the gym with a plan? I bet 50% of gym-goers don't have a plan. I don't really know the statistics but I am guessing more folks go thinking that they'll lift whatever is available. Or they'll do what they feel like doing when they get to the gym.

You need to have a plan before you leave the house!

It's 2022.. I have been reading more and I have been changing a little bit how I approach my own training. What I used to do was what I mentioned above. I'd go, maybe with the thought of wanting to dead lift or bench or whatever... but then deciding what I actually did when I got there.


Thanks to a brother-on-law of mine, I was forced into seeing January different. I saw it as workload vs what I felt like doing. Here is what I mean...

Today, this morning, 5am, I had the plan to go to the gym and lift 4 main lifts. Back squat, Bench, Dead lift and Barbell Row. I told myself I would do 100 reps each and schemed a pyramid.

Squat: 100lbs x 20reps, 150x20, 200x20, 150x20, and 100x20. Same numbers for Deadlift.

Bench: 100x20, 125x20, 150x20, 125x20, 100x20. Same for Rows.

Now normally, I'd be done. Workload of 52,000 pounds. Whew. Wipe that sweat off your forehead!

Because I had a plan, I knew I wasn't done. You see, my brother-in-law said that this month is called Jactuary - roll your eyes, go ahead - and together he and I would lift 800,000 lbs before the end of the month. I always go further and said no we are gonna do 1 million lbs. Before 2022, I'd start off hot but then quit mid January.

So after finishing these 4 sets, completing 400 reps, I did more.

I got on the lat pull down machine and hit 100x100. Then went to the Knee Extension machine and hit 100x50. Looked at my watch, it's getting close to 7. I need to go. But no, I am not done! I have to hit legs.

So I parked myself at the leg press with 100 reps ahead of me and 180 pounds loaded. 50 reps completed and I was sore. My back hurt. My quads and glutes were feeling it. Cant stop.

I did all 100 reps, stared at the ceiling while my legs came back to life from feeling like jello.. and I walked to grab my stuff and headed home.

Now if you do the math, that's 85,000 lbs for the workout. But here is what's more important... I had the plan to lift this the whole time.

I wasn't going to quit. My mindset was focused on the workload and I completed it.. rep for rep.

Yes I wanted to quit. But adaptation and "gainz" don't take place in comfort zones.

Push yourself. See what you're actually capable of.

You might surprise yourself.


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