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Due to the age complexities and restrictions, being that musculature hasn't fully developed in many minors, the goal for youth strength & conditioning and training is first and foremost, safety. Young boys and girls have not matured yet into their young teenager bodies and therefore won't be asked to risk anything in order to achieve a goal. The training is fun and geared towards creating and building neurological adaptations in training priming the athlete for the next level rigors of their sport(s). 

The best time during the year for this training is in the summer for camps and small group sessions. If interested in these summer training sessions, please email Doug at


Summer camps will be held 3x a week  on a week to week basis beginning in June. More information will become available end of March/early April 2023.

Youth athletes will be asked to sprint, change direction, twist, jump, push, pull and more with the focus on movement quality and not quantity. Training is not to be what takes place of team practice; it's meant to support team practice and enhance performance. Which is why we will fine tune everything when not in season. 

Training locations are TBD

Duration: sessions are 1 hour (60 minutes) in length

Camps are for everyone and varying sports and will cover: 

Speed and Agility

Jump School & Speed School

Mechanics and Mobility

It is expected athletes are on time and attentive during each training session. This way they get the most out of what it is we are all working together to accomplish. 

Athletes who focus and work hard will develop sport skill movements, sprint speed and much more!

Below are pictures from a Baseball training - Summer 2021. 

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